VIP Pass Program

The VIP Pass vouchers are sold out for the 2023-24 season.  The vouchers remaining from the first round of sales (which ended on 10/4/23) were all sold at the club’s Open House on 10/18/23.  Any vouchers that may become available in the future will be posted on the club’s Member Forum as outlined below.


Members who are unable to use any of their vouchers as the season progresses will be able to post them on the club’s Member Forum for resale to other members. The Member Forum is restricted to club members.  To access the Forum:

    • Click on “Members Only” on the club website’s main menu,

    • Click on “MEMBER AREA” on the resulting sub-menu,

    • Follow the instructions to log in to the Member Area,

    • Click on the button labeled “Snow Snakes Ski Club Forum”,

    • Click on the Topic labeled “VIP Pass Vouchers For Sale”.

If you would like to be notified by email whenever vouchers are posted for resale, click on the link labeled “Subscribe for new replies” highlighted in red at the top of the topic.  This link will then be relabeled “Unsubscribe” should you want to stop receiving these notifications at any time.


Use of the vouchers is subject to the following restrictions:

    • Vouchers may only be redeemed and used by club members. They may not be resold or used by non-members.  Violation of this policy will result in removal from club membership and may result in the revocation of all of the club’s unused vouchers including those purchased by other members.

    • Vouchers must be used during the 2023-24 season (no credits for unused vouchers).

    • Vouchers are not valid on certain holidays.

    • Some resorts require that you redeem your vouchers online ahead of time.

Click here for more information on each resort’s REDEMPTION POLICIES AND RESTRICTED DAYS.

We have set aside the vouchers for Bromley to be used in conjunction with a one-day bus trip.  The cost is only $50 for round trip bus transportation and lift ticket.  For more information, check out the BROMLEY TRIP FLYER.


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