Current Year Budget

2016-2017 proposed budget

The proposed budget looks to tap in to the club reserves by about $10,000. The main driver of the deficit is to make an investment in operational technology with the hopes of seeing a long-term financial and operational benefit. The Executive Board has discussed the strains put on volunteers to administer the member benefits and the possible alternatives to lessen the burden, streamline the process and give members on line access to benefits.

The proposed budget deviates from the budget guidelines of keeping operational expenses within 35% – 40% of membership revenues. Budget increases to operational expenses include the following

Web site – $3,700 Hire a professional. Also includes one-time set up fees for enhancements to include member access and an on-line “store”.

Insurance – $1,800 Includes broader coverage of general liability in addition to Director and Officers.

Audit – eliminated. Effort to engage a professional has not been successful.

Office Supplies – $1,850 Includes purchase of accounting software, printer and hardware for treasurer and membership.

Bank fees – $350 On line banking start up fees.