Tuning (or conditioning) your boards will help you glide smoothly, doctor with more control and balance.  You don’t have to ski or snowboard in New England long to know that a properly sharpened edge will help you grip the ice to stay in control in varying conditions.  And having a fresh coat of wax will help you coast down the hill with more ease and comfort.

Serving towns of Andover, Columbia, Coventry, Bolton, Hebron, Mansfield, Manchester and Willimantic.

There’s a big difference between “big box tunes” and one from a local vendor who will properly detune your edges and apply wax so your next mountain experience is a great one. Why spend precious vacation time looking for someone to condition your boards when you can have it done effortlessly right here in Andover, CT.

Jeff Miner has been tuning skis for many years and has a local following that will tell you he tunes skis and snowboards with the utmost precision and care.

You can reach Jeff at 860-428-7701 and by fax at 860-742-0326.  You can also contact us at: snowserv@thesnowside.com.