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The Central CT Snow Snakes are based in East Hartford, CT.

Membership is on an annual basis and must be renewed each winter season in order to take advantage of membership benefits.

The membership sign-up period for new members and renewing members is from September through December.
Returning members must renew their membership by December 31st. After that date they will be removed from the mailing list and cannot rejoin until the following season.

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**Please Note: Family membership is limited to spouse/partner and children age 21 and under.**

Children 22 and older must pay for a separate, single membership. I (and my family) understand that bulk tickets purchased through the Central Connecticut Snow Snakes Ski Club from the Connecticut Ski Council are only to be used by members of this ski club or other Connecticut Ski Council member ski clubs. Therefore I/we agree not to sell or allow any non-member to use the tickets that I/we have purchased. Further, when using our membership cards on Connecticut Ski Council Days at ski slopes, we understand the cards are only for our own use and each member must present his/her own card for verification. I/we understand that if tickets whose numbers are assigned to me/us are found to be used by any non-member, or if our membership cards are misused in any way, all remaining tickets will be voided along with my present club membership and any future membership in any Connecticut Ski Council Club.

I release the Central CT Snow Snakes, its officers, its board members and its members from any liability for personal injury, death or property damage or loss on any Central CT Snow Snakes sponsored trips. This release includes without limitations all transportation, accommodations, events, activities and equipment that may be provided even by third parties.

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