Jeff Wagner Memorial Scholarship

About the Scholarship:

At an executive board meeting in 2011, a discussion was held of ways that the Snow Snakes, as a club, might be able to give something back to the community.   From this discussion, the idea to establish the Jeff Wagner Memorial Scholarship emerged.

Jeff Wagner was a long-time member of the Central Connecticut Snow Snakes Ski Club who died while skiing in December 2010. He had a passion for life, work, and especially skiing. Jeff was a very young 62-year-old who inspired all who knew him. He inspired us to do more and enjoy more. He inspired us with a positive attitude. He made all who knew him feel a much greater sense of self worth. He was a true leader and advocate of the club’s mission. In the same way a good parent adds to who you are, Jeff made us all grow. Many of us were fortunate enough to have skied, laughed, learned and enjoy life with Jeff. He will be forever missed.

How To Donate:

Members who are interested in making a contribution to the scholarship fund can do so by adding the amount that you would like to donate to your membership dues for the season or by clicking the “Donate Here” button below. Although the Snow Snakes is a non-profit organization, we are not a charitable organization as defined by the IRS. As such, contributions to the scholarship fund will not be considered tax deductible. Nonetheless, every little bit helps! The Club itself will make a significant contribution to the scholarship fund, with the final amount of the award depending upon contributions received.

Donate Here

Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants must be a current Central Connecticut Snow Snakes family member or an individual member pursuing post-secondary education and have been a member the prior season as well.

Applicants from previous years may apply each year throughout your college/school year.


To print PDF and send in the application via mail, Download the Application.

Please mail the application to:

Jeff Wagner Memorial Scholarship
Linda Parent
129 Lakeview Drive
Ashford, CT 06278

The Jeff Wagner Memorial Scholarship committee will review the applications and determine those candidates who will be awarded scholarships. The winners will be invited to attend an end-of-the-season party at which the awards will be presented.

For further information about the Jeff Wagner Memorial Scholarship, or to volunteer to be a part of the scholarship committee, please contact Linda Parent at

The Skier

I climb no more but rest on ski upon the
summit of the trail that winds far down;
now I am free to spread my wings and swiftly
sail a fleeting figure through the snow
my destination points below!
I start quite slowly, gather speed, faster still,
I do not heed the danger of the turns, instead
a thousand thrills pass through my head
I stem a turn, my balance true and catch my
breath but I’m not through, twisting, dipping,
sometimes straight, the trail leads down,
then comes a gate, and out across a field
I glide, slowing slightly, still I slide until beside a hedge, I stop.
and gaze with wonder at the top.

By Douglas E. Williams