Bulk Ticket Order Process

Bulk tickets for the 2019-20 season are now available! This will be your only opportunity to purchase bulk tickets this season (there will not be an additional order submitted in December as in past years) so don’t miss out!

All order forms and payment must be received by the October 2, 2019 club meeting – NO EXCEPTIONS!

There are 2 different versions of the order form. It is strongly preferred that you use the Microsoft Excel version because it makes it easier for you to complete (it does all the math for you!) and for the Bulk Ticket Coordinator to process. You’ll need to click on the “Enable Editing” button which will appear at the top of the spreadsheet. If you don’t have Excel, print out the PDF version of the form (make sure that the print orientation is set to “Landscape” in the print window) and fill it out by hand.

You should only order the number of tickets that you are reasonably confident you’ll use in the upcoming season. Although you can return bulk tickets for credit towards the following season (with the exception of Loon), there is no guarantee that you’ll receive full face value.
The amount of credit members receive depends upon the percentage of tickets that are returned by the club in a given year for each resort. Over-ordering of bulk tickets for a given resort only increases the likelihood that the credit amount for that resort will be less than face value. Loon will not be offering credit for bulk tickets returned at the end of the season.

Please be aware that you must have renewed your club membership before you’ll be able to pick up your bulk tickets. This is even easier now that you have the option of processing your renewal (including paying your dues by PayPal or credit card) online at the Snow Snakes website.

If using Pay Pal, be sure you can log into your account prior to using the online membership form as we have had some issues when members don’t remember their info.

Club Membership New & Renewal

Bulk Ticket Order Form PDF

Bulk Ticket Order Form Excel Spreadsheet

Changes to this year’s program include:

Okemo has withdrawn from the bulk ticket program effective with the 2019-20 season.

Any member with credit for unused Okemo tickets from last season may apply them to the purchase of bulk tickets for other resorts OR request a cash refund by email to the Bulk Ticket Coordinator at skiboyz55@yahoo.com

Bromley will no longer be offering Junior bulk tickets. Credit for Bromley bulk tickets returned at the end of last season may be applied towards the purchase of Bromley Adult tickets.

Questions should be directed to the club Bulk Ticket Coordinator, Skip Wallace, by email at skiboyz55@yahoo.com